Monday, May 31, 2010

Hugs & Kisses & Sin & Wishes

Photo by Kimberly Brimhall, outside Gabby B's. This is my first time using photoshop!
Brian and I at the Harmony Sweet. My mom took this on her phone :)
The bridge over 281 at Incarnate Word. Look inspired by Fruition LV.

Long time no . . . 'read' in your case. So it is getting hot out there in the ol' SA. I mean, step into the sunlight insta-sweat kind of heat. When I was in Zhongshan (China) teaching English it was way worse than it will ever be here but that never makes it any easier. A couple weeks ago I got to sing with one Brian James Burroughs aka 'My Dog the Planter' at the Harmony Sweet in New Braunfels.  Easily the most interesting venue I've ever been to. Jury is still out on this one guys, the crowd was a bit young. My mom came though so that was awesome! Brian has a couple new songs that are fantastic, hopefully I'll get to sing with him again soon! 

I went to Horseshoe Bay yesterday to an amazing party Mother's Anthem played. Man those boys are troopers, rockin' out in the heat. You should check them out, they're very talented :) So I got to meet a bunch of new people (I even ran into a woman who has a peacock feather tattoo on her back on the opposite shoulder blade as mine. I thought, "there are too many people at this party with the same tattoo . . ." no, I thought it was awesome) I even got to go out on the lake as the sun was setting. I was so beautiful! I added lake house & power boat to my list of goals in life on the spot. It's very serious business that list; I had to squeeze it somewhere betwixt my G5 and G-Wagon. (g is for 'ginga' not 'gangsta', though I believe they're synonymous). 

Oh! I bought an amp :D  crazy excited over this y'all. It's well-loved (aka 'used' . . . or 'pre-owned' as car dealerships are prone to say). I'm still practicing my fingertip-skin off so eventually I'll amaze all of you :) Well, I'll try ♥

So now that I have rambled you to death, I wanted to throw out a few websites I adore for you to check out. Cue David Bowie's 'Fashion' in your mind's ear . . . 

ShopNastyGal- It isn't that crazy, cool your jets 
Karmaloop-why am I giving away my fashion secrets?
StoneandHoney- a touch obsessed with these necklaces
FruitionLV- inspired a photo above. purchase this stuff quickly!

So I am on the hunt for a vocal coach & experience. If you need a female vocalist . . . well you're in luck! I happen to be both. Well aspiring. Vocalist. Obviously I'm quite accomplished at being a female. Oh what does that even mean?

Moving along! I was recently lucky enough to be involved in Ms Kimberly Brimhall's spot on San Antonio Living. This was my second time on the show, so basically I'm famous- psyc! Anyway you can watch her in all her awesome glory below:

and for good measure, our first time on the show:

I'm a rhyming fool! well no. Probably not. I think I have rambled and been ridiculous enough for one blog entry. If you're interested in a vocalist e-mail me at Also, check out Jonathan Scott's latest blog about Gabby B's. And do yourself a favor; take Kim's FB advice and Jonathan's shopping advice. Make money and look good? win-win. ALSO- they're the best couple ever. I'mjussayin'



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