Monday, January 9, 2012

Worth it.

Starting new projects. Balancing others' and your own emotions and needs. Prioritizing. Life.

K.Boswell Beauty is my new project. Often when I go out people compliment my makeup and I find myself wishing I had a business card on hand. Well problem solved, they're on the way. A new website is frustrating! Perfectionism is a problem of mine and I don't want to show anything until it is perfect. I need models and a great photographer and I happen to have some fantastic ones back home. Living somewhere new and not having as many connections is hard when trying to takeoff.
I really miss Texas. Y'all are mad but all the best people are. My last trip home I drove and as I got farther south people were warmer and friendlier. I happen to be warm and friendly and need to be around like persons. No where is perfect I've learned and as I said last time your troubles follow you wherever you go. Some places suit you better than others. Ideally I would do Utah in the summer and Texas in the winter but who gets exactly what they want?

People can be annoying, crass, and downright mean. It's so hard to love them despite that. Maybe it's because people aren't as friendly here that I've begun to notice an effort involved in being kind. (I hope no one takes offense, I mean in the day to day superficial encounters we have. I have met some lovely people here). I'm lucky that my job affords me the chance to break through an icy first impression and make someone feel comfortable and laugh. 90% of the women I work on sit in the chair with an attitude of indifference or boredom. It may take a minute but I get past that most of the time. I make women feel beautiful, how lucky am I?

It's hard on an intimate level. That's the same wherever you go I can promise you. Friendships and relationships are so delicate in infancy. Those small things that bother you? Mention them. If someone isn't willing to compromise now you're in for a world of trouble down the road. Never let someone say or make you feel like you're a bother, dumb, small, or unimportant. If you do you'll start to believe it. If you already believe it you need to call a friend immediately and tell them how you feel. I bet they'll say that you are a comfort, insightful, larger-than-life, and vital. No matter who you are someone loves you and thinks you're great. You need to remind yourself that they're right.

That's all for now folks.

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