Thursday, April 29, 2010

don't stop believin'

Photo by Kimberly Brimhall
this inspired:

Just a small town girl . . .

Well not really, San Antonio is pretty big. The painting above a dear friend of mine made, and I think it's beautiful. He used ink, watercolor, and photoshop. I had a couple epiphanies today. I'm constantly feeling life is either one big obstacle or a blessing, I say it depends on what mood you catch me in. Life is an adventure no matter what and you certainly can't let it get in the way of you living. I've got a lot I'm carrying, we all do, but it's the moments I can't breathe for laughing at a stoplight with a friend during a crazy day that make all the not-having-my-headlights-all-the-way-on tickets worth it. I just kinda realized that if I keep my hands busy with my goals in mind one day I'll look around and be where I want to be. It's that simple. Keep your chin up y'all ♥

So I got hired at Gabby B's boutique, I'll be working the Stone Oak store mostly. Retail is my favorite. I'm an awful waitress ;) Come say hi and see what we've got! Also, I should be learning a thing or two with a camera if Kim has her way :) I want to shoot weddings. They are magical things ♥

I wish you bluebirds.


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