Friday, April 16, 2010


So I've decided to give blogging a try. A whirl. A go. Whatever. Kim (Kimberly Brimhall) was kind enough to make a heading for me ♥. I'm not entirely sure how this works, how a person decides to 'follow' me or whatnot. I promise to not lead you astray . . .
I recently returned to San Antonio and I have been really lucky to meet the people I have who live such vibrant lives and have taken me under their respective wings. I'm learning the guitar and I've been writing songs, so I bet a lot of my progress will unfold on here as I vent to the 'blogosphere'. Writing poetry and such has always been a love of mine but I am timid to share on the whole. I suppose I come off as exceedingly confident but I'm not, and sharing personal things with strangers is not something I know how to do. But I promise I'll try :)

Anyway, I like to be busy and always have a project (or several). This is my latest ♥


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  1. im so excited you have joined the blogosphere. yay. for you. for me. for everyone.

    now write!

    love you! <3